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Eqwires Research Analyst is a Best SEBI registered Research Analyst and Investment Advisory Company providing top-notch equity market services in Indian stock market. Our in-depth analysis and experimented techniques gives best results to our esteemed clients. We believe in our core values and always follow our principals.
Yes, we are registered with SEBI as a Research Analyst and our SEBI registration number is INH000007465. SEBI registration is compulsory and it’s illegal to provide any kind of recommendations in stock market without SEBI registration. We urge our website visitors to follow SEBI registered stock advisors only. Don’t follow any unregistered people who are providing tips through Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social platform by giving you lucrative messages. Don’t believe anyone until they have a valid SEBI registration certificate.
In simple words, you can join our services by selecting appropriate package from our website www.eqwires.com, selection of package depends upon your risk appetite, capital availibility and profit requirement. We have free counselling service in which you can take our valuable guidance for free to choose any of our services and take suggestions about investment. Our team is always happy to provide all kind of guidance related to investment in Equity market. Once you subscribe to any of our services from website, you can inform us through an email, phone call or whatsapp. We will start your services immediately.
General capital requirement to enrol for any of our stock future services is Rs 1,50,000 but if you want to go for options services, you can start with Rs 50,000 capital also. Stock future services requires minimum Rs 1,50,000 capital in your trading account. It should not be a leverage but liquid cash of Rs 1,50,000 and you should always keep Rs 50,000 spare in case of any further margin requirement in adverse situation. Please note that Futures and options trading involves risk and take risk of your spare capital only.
Number of trades depends upon services you subscribed, capital availability and risk profile. If you are an aggressive trader, we may give you more trades and if you are conservative trader, we may give you less trades. So we have purely customized tailor-made services where we purely focus on your requirements. So number of trades will be depending upon your requirement.
At Eqwires, we have a dedicated research team which has vast experience and do in-depth analysis in order to provide best services. Our team have high skilled professionals which purely focus on customer satisfaction and long lasting association. Our Relationship manager team make sure to provide best user experience and research team make sure to provide better trades. Presently we have 95% clients’ retention ratio in this market which is highest and we always try to maintain the same. Thus Eqwires is a best intraday stock tips provider in India and you can always rely on us.
Yes, our services are available across all countries who are investing in India and want to take our expert guidance for their investments in India. India is a growing economy and land of opportunities. We always try to bring maximum investments to India in order to give our valuable clients best returns.
We do not provide any free trials because it's hard to maintain free trial requests on daily basis and we don't have any tele marketing team or any marketing team who can handle free trial request on daily basis. We purely focus on our registered clients who have paid to us and we provide them high quality services. We always provide our daily statement or contract notes as a proof for upcoming clients for their satisfaction. One can check our daily track records with statement from Past performance on our website. Also we have weekly service where you can start with one week package to get confidence in our services.
Yes, if you are not satisfied with the services or you have any issues with our services, you can go to complaints page given at bottom on our website. You can also directly email to complaint@eqwires.com or you can call to our customer care numbers in case of anything. After first process, you are not satisfied with the solution provided, you can write directly to our management on management@eqwires.com and escalate the matter to the management. You will get a call back within 24-48 hours after receiving an email from your side and we will try to solve your issue.
Once you subscribe, we assign a dedicated relationship manager for you who will be your one point of contact for everything. First he/she will understand your requirement and as per your requirement, he/she will provide you the recommendations(Tips) through WhatsApp, Text message or phone call.
We have best and professional research team with vast experience of stock market. We have developed some techniques for intraday trading which not only give satisfied results but also makes us Best intraday tips provider in India. Eqwires is a Best SEBI registered stock advisory company focusing on high quality equity intraday tips, intraday trading tips in NSE, Best intraday tips and Stock market trading tips.
Our trading recommendations are available for Equity and derivatives segment. If you are trading in Equity cash, you can use our Equity trading tips provided in our all F&O packages. Our all stock future trades can be traded in Equity cash also. Eqwires is a best and most successful equity trading tips provider in India.
Our research and analysis are powerful and giving best results but we don’t use words like Sureshot intraday calls, Intraday jackpot tips or operator base calls. Unregistered people mostly use lucrative words like 100% guaranteed profit tips, sureshot tips, FII base calls or operator base tips or they call themselves sureshot tips provider or jackpot tips provider but at Eqwires, we don’t use these kind of words and we believe in ethics so we provide cleaner services in order to sustain in this market for decades. Fake promises or fake commitments don’t go long way so we don’t give such fake promises. Transparent services go long way and we believe in that only.
We are registered with SEBI as Research Analyst and we are top-notch SEBI registered research analyst in India. Our thorough research and advanced techniques help people to achieve their financial goals. Our packages and trading patterns are unique. Our result oriented services and 95% clients’ retention ratio is a reason why people consider us Best Investment advisor in India. Eqwires is a Best SEBI registered investment advisory company in India.
First of all, we are amongst few SEBI registered research analyst which are following all SEBI regulations and guidelines properly. Our all services are transparent and we don’t give false promises and fake commitments. Most of people give fake promises and wrong commitments in order to take advance money and can’t fulfil them because nobody is 100% sure in stock market. People end up losing their capital due to such fake and unauthentic people. At Eqwires, we make sure that you get best services experience from our side. Stock market trading is risky and subject to market risk but we make sure that you don’t feel like you are cheated because we never stop supporting you in adverse situation. 100% accuracy is not possible in stock market but overall consistent profit can be achieved with proper risk management and cutting losses method. We assure best services from our side so you can consider us as Genuine and ethical stock tips provider in India infact Best SEBI registered research analyst also.
If you search in Google, you will find hundreds of websites claiming for free tips including many brokers and unregistered people or websites. We don’t provide random calls (free trading tips) which comes for free but vanish your hard earned capital. Websites which are giving free intraday trading tips are just doing lucrative marketing to get attention and clients. It’s a marketing gimmick. At Eqwires, our all services are provided after thorough research and in-depth analysis about stock market. So our primary focus is on providing high quality services to our esteemed clients who have paid. We don’t recommend traders and investors to search for free intraday tips online because you may get tips for free but your capital will be at risk. Always take professional help or guidance and that too from SEBI registered advisory company only. Don’t take any service or free intraday trading tips from any unregistered person.
Eqwires Research Analyst is SEBI registered research analyst and our SEBI registration number is INH000007465. We are Top-notch SEBI registered research analyst and our team has experience of around 15 years in the Indian Stock Market. We have the highest client retention and renewal ratio and we focus on quality trading and customer satisfaction.
Eqwires Research Analyst is SEBI registered research analyst and our SEBI registration number is INH000007465. Our reviews and ratings are always higher and we focus on maximum satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Wherever you will go, you will get best reference and reviews about us. Our primary business comes from references which are hard to get if we can't satisfy our existing customers. Eqwires has one of the finest services and support system which makes it a Top SEBI registered advisory company in India. You can always rely on us and you are in safe hands. Our team are always eager to solve your queries and they can provide our existing clients' Profit and loss statements so you will get idea about quality of our services.
Eqwires Research Analyst is a genuine SEBI registered research analyst and stock advisory company, provides all services with dedicated support and proper guidance but it may happen that any of our customers may not get expected results because profits and results are based on market conditions and stock specific movements. As you are aware, 100% satisfaction is not possible in any service industry so it's not possible to satisfy our all clients fully in high volatile stock market. Stock market is highly volatile and 100% accuracy or 100% sure results are not possible. Everyone has to be prepared to calculative risk and unexpected losses. We are research analyst and we are not God or market mover who move the market so sudden upside or downside in market may give losses to someone which may lead client to post reviews on any platform but we always make sure that we provide full support in any situation to our all clients and that's why we have more than 90% client retention ratio and minimum complaint ratio. We always make sure that we maintain quality in our research recommendations and clients get profit on a sustainable basis.

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